Monday, April 4, 2011

Favorites 4/30: Desperate Talk

by James Tate

I asked Jasper if he had any ideas about the coming revolution.
"I didn't know there was a revolution coming," he said. "Well,
people are pretty disgusted. There might be," I said. "I wish
you wouldn't just make things up. You're always trying to fool
with me," he said. "There are soldiers everywhere. It's hard
to tell which side they're on," I said. "They're against us.
Everyone's against us. Isn't that what you believe?" he said.
"Not everyone. There are a few misguided stragglers who still
believe in something or other," I said. "Well, that gives me
heart," he said. "Never give up the faith," I said. "Who said
I ever had any?" he said. "Shame on you, Jasper. It's important
to believe in the cause," I said. "The cause of you digging us
deeper into a hole?" he said. "No, the cause of the people standing
together for their rights, freedom and all," I said. "Well, that's
long gone. We have no rights," he said. We fell silent for the
next few minutes. I was staring out the window at a rabbit in
the yard. Finally, I said, "I was just saying all that to amuse
you." "So was I," he said. "Do you believe in God?" I said. "God's
in prison," he said. "What'd he do?" I said. "Everything," he

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