Tuesday, April 26, 2011

26/30: How to Write a Shitty Poem

If at all possible, always drink.
Whiskey makes every word breathe
and bump against the page.
Stay away from tequila.

Sometimes it's okay to write poetry
while listening to hip hop.
Get your body moving to an apparent beat --
now, go. Write. The difference is tangible,

Use a pen that sits nicely on
the fingers used to navigate.
Usually, the pen makes it.
It's more like a companionship,
a mutual respect.

Same rule goes for the page on which
the pen moves. Love the paper,
the journal. Be comfortable with the booklet
in your hands.
It's really a love affair between
hands, paper and pen.

Don't think about the assholes
one table over. The ones with the obnoxious
laughs and floppy hair. They might craft
words together better,
but the whiskey gives you an edge.

Write. Write about what you know.
Write about what makes this life unique
to you.
Write it loudly and maybe, drunkenly.

Write it. Read it.
Re-read it and repeat.

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