Sunday, April 3, 2011

3/30: Let's be Free

I want to mean the words I say, and
the symbols I use to convey feeling,
I want to mean those, too. I do
believe what I say when I say
I know my bones will one day be
inside your lungs
and Grass will
grow up through my ribs
I also deeply believe the words I
will never say, I know the secrets
I have, but I never want to
know yours. I've heard that whole-truths
can be entirely devastating.
One time, I walked
to a creek with a boy named Keith.
We loved each other in a way I
can't describe, but it was something like
Queen Anne's Lace and running
through the yard with muddy shoes.
He told me about craw-dads and tadpoles,
the words were true even if they
Twenty years later I think of a
boy who is now a man;
dead. (Those words are true
and false, sometimes, it's hard to tell.)
But now, after all this, I want
to say, Let's take this life one
word at a time. Let's be free,
both in truth and
in lies.

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