Tuesday, April 19, 2011

19/30: A welcome, but more like a homecoming for The Two.

Breathing in air for the first time
is an archaic step.
Today your little lungs met the Raven,
who brought ancient peoples light,
and Krishna.
Pieces of Jesus rested in your mouth
while you wept in the cold
under the brash light.

At once you became all directions
and all colors
and the symbol for the sun
and with your very first exhale
you are wielding a bow under thunder.
You're sailing waters in boats made
of sturdy oak and constructing
stone temples to praise
time passing and time to come.

The Earth welcomes your flesh and blood:
carbon from the coldest cave and iron
from the first volcanoes. You are old
and new.

Your family welcomes you with love.

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