Monday, May 31, 2010

6/104: Failing the hanbleceya told by Lame Deer rearranged by me

I guess they meant what they said when they told him to leave.

He didn't leave.
he wanted his vision, goddamn it and he wasn't
crying out all night long, for four whole nights,
in vain.

His body was filled with the meat of deer -
he waas rubbed down with wild sage
and good intentions.
His pores were clarified with the white breath
of the gods, sacred steam.
His vision pit was prepped and fluffed
with the blood of eagerness and the misnomer of bravery.

They meant what they said when they told him to leave.

He cried out for the vision, the one
he knew was destined for only his holy meditation.

He fought with the Great Ones,
who were only trying to sleep.
For four whole nights he was smug and stubborn -
calling out until his voice went numb
and out running rocks.

The vision quest was a bust
(but They told him that the first night).

His elders told him something about suffering
something about patience
something about humility,
but he didn't hear 'em -

of course not.

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