Saturday, May 1, 2010

4.30: thoughts on creation

My body was rolled out from mud
and thrown out into the horizon.

It was a second form to another -
but, that can't be true.
I was either tenth in the line up
or first.
None of this second bullshit.

The bloody foam of the first
lovers - I must have sprouted up like corn
after their massacre - or wait,
was it from their teeth?

Who was the first mother?
can't be a man -
just doesn't make sense.

My neocortex is a nice cushion
and my axial bones are pure white -
they radiate hip hop (where'd that come from?)
but they do.

a KingFisher once dove to the bottom of
an ancient lake.
Found a race of men and they gave him

Maybe I was that kingfisher

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