Sunday, May 16, 2010

3/104: (Myth, Legends, Pop Icons) For Ian Dury

She had been thinking about it for days,
as undeniable as sunshine,
but that's not the story you hear.
She thought it through, the ins and outs,
the mechanics of such a delicate operation - she realized
this was the best idea she's ever had.
The snake with his bow tie and dazzling smile,
he was only her scape goat.

She meandered into the gated off section,
walked right past the "reserved" sign and laid her hands
right on it.
She bit it and let it hit her tongue:
"sour" she thought, "is this a fruit or a vegetable?"
"Seeds on the inside or seeds on the outside?"
"Which is which?"

(Questions are part of the 'knowledge' He warned against)

No one asked her why she did it -
No one.

If asked she would have responded:
"Sex, drugs and rock and roll -
why else?"

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