Tuesday, April 20, 2010


to whom it may concern:
it's been a few years past appropriate but i wanted to, finally and officially, submit a big Fuck you;
in other words,
an appeal.

life was abstract, an intangible idea;
a list of things to do,
things to accomplish but with no real grasp.
(i didn't even floss my teeth for god's sake.)

the decisions i somehow made were
far too big.
no one's ever ready, but i wasn't even close. as a result, in the wake, i was abandoned by hope
(or vice versa)
and filled up with paralyzing doubt and gritty guilt.

i don't want a re-do. i'd say i fared quite well;
regained some dignity and unearthed a quality so far out of reach.

i just wanted to clock my complaint.

thank you.

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