Thursday, April 8, 2010


Jesus Christ - that night....

that night i decided i didn't love the boy who always wanted to kiss me.

i was proud of that. i knew you were going to be -
you told me earlier that day, with summer hanging heavy all around us, you said you liked him but that i was different from that boy.

you woke me up when you got home late.
i didn't get to tell you my revelation, but you told me yours.

you said you loved me.
you said you can't begin to imagine life without me and my brother; your life, you said we were.

you'd be taken with him - he's handsome,
like you
and smart and stout and so nice to strangers,
like you.

you told me you loved me -

then, you died.


Holly said...

This is nice...

berry said...

i sobbed reading this buddy but I love it tons.