Monday, April 1, 2013

A Creation Story (2/30)

She circled, pulling her hair and
gaining with want;
running and busting up the earth until her feet were blood and bone. 'Let me catch you and hold you and allow me to eat down the pain that causes heart burn' she sang with the sweet hum of darkness.
and so what else?

Heavy and worthy of ancient hands, he signed on.

And after the feast, she pulled each tooth still sweet with his flesh
and planted them in the north, once without snow. 
     She planted them in the west, without soil.
     She planted them in the east and south, close to the ocean and in the mountains' veins.
     They grew without water, though water fell from the sky.
And those, the first people, they chased each dawn;
moving across the bellies' of our lovers.


Tessa said...

This is amazing. I would buy a book of your poetry.

erica said...

thank you for saying this thing. :)