Friday, July 18, 2008

to you

Shame on you, handsome man, for loving me the way you do - you love the hell out of me. You love me when i am a thunder cloud, you love me when i'm an irrational tizzy of sparks. You love my ever expanding body and my heart that beats.
You love me when i don't love myself
when i'm a scarred little bubble and when i feel like humidity.
you love me so much that, at times, i feel like i deserve it.

Shame on you, you silly little heart hiccup, you love me so much I just don't know what to do with myself. I wake up, you love me and even still when I fall asleep next to you.
You write me words that god himself spoke and they make me cry.
which i like, or love.
you love me so much - and i love you so much.

we are growing old together.
we are growing old together
and it is nice like clouds.

so, thank you.
thank you for loving me and being that guy who you are.
I don't think I can tell you enough, but my life is easy and twirly and explodingly great...
and i love you.
thanks for being my best friend.
and husband.
and partner.


erica said...
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berry said...

oh man. that is big time. i love it:) and i love you two married.

Suwsshiyr08 said...